Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Photoshop logo

John Nack's post on the new Photoshop logo has been peppered with comments, mostly negative ones. My first reaction was, "ooh shiny." I think I have seen an Adobe Photoshop action from the Adobe Exchange that can do the exact same thing right down to the blue shading. Maybe that's where they got the idea? Someone in the comment section said that it may take some getting used to. Watya tink?

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ako said...

cool posts! keep on posting! graphic designer ka ba? o adik ka lang sa grapiks? ako, adik sa grapiks.. hehe.

mr_d said...

ey ako. ako? ako ba? hehehe trying hard lang na graphic designer. hahaha. pero adik rin siguro sa grapiks. salamat sa pagdaan!

bloodytom said...

hmm...mukhang apple user yung gumawa nyan... hehe